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Gosbee poses with his sister, Jean, on her wedding day in 1996.

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Gosbee’s son, John, and wife, Karen, at a park near their home in Calgary, just over a month after Gosbee died.

Todd Korol

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In Molokai, Hawaii, Gosbee and Abbott went bonefishing alongside U.S. Navy Seals.

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Gosbee hiking in Indonesia, 2017.

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Gosbee pulls a 90-kilogram sled during an expedition to the South Pole in 2017.

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Gosbee’s proud moment with Gary Bettman (centre) and Anthony LeBlanc after closing a deal for the Phoenix Coyotes in 2013.

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Gosbee with Karen, their daughter, Isla, and sons John and Carter in 2014.

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Gosbee in Molokai with Abbott showing off a massive lobster.

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Gosbee and his wife, Karen, attend a gala at the Banff Centre in 2012.

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