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Businesses under pressure to make websites accessible

Businesses are under pressure to make their websites easier to use for people with visual impairments, hearing issues and other disabilities. As of January, 2021, many Ontario businesses will be required to meet a standard of accessibility that includes alternative text for images, contrast guidelines and proper labelling of content. Story

Boozy seltzer brand White Claw makes a splash with Canadian homecoming

White Claw, a trendy boozy seltzer, has been attracting attention with the recent launch of its brand in Canada. It’s been a bit of a homecoming of sorts, given the product, which has legions of fans in the United States, was developed by Vancouver-based beverage brand Mark Anthony Group of Companies. Story

New small businesses trapped in bureaucratic maze

Colette Griffiths and Chris Allen were thrilled when they were chosen as tenants by the retiring owners of the Federal Store, a small grocery near the intersection of two bike routes in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Story


Sick Workers and Spooked Customers: Coronavirus Threatens Small Businesses

If the new coronavirus causes workers to take sick days; customers to stay home; and officials to order quarantines, it will be hard on all American companies. For small businesses, though, it could be catastrophic. New York Times

‘Major staffing crisis’ in area forces local restaurant to close

The Pea Pod – a popular Port Elgin restaurant known for its smoothies, juices and vegan dishes – has been feeling the squeeze from the national labour shortage since Day 1. Owen Sound Sun Times

Local small businesses work to stop spread of coronavirus

Linda Chin keeps a large bottle of hand sanitizer at the counter at Evergreen Mini-Mart in downtown Kitchener. The Record

Little Jamaica businesses suffer amid yet another delay in Eglinton LRT construction

Small business owners in Little Jamaica are struggling to make ends meet, and now that there’s yet another delay in the projected opening of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, the situation looks even more bleak. CBC