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Harley-riding Alberta nurse generates big buzz on L.A. fashion label. Now for the hard part

The burger at The Beltliner in Calgary is sloppy, two patties of Alberta beef and a fried egg. Danita Short smiles as she digs in: “I’ve got to pay respects to the homeland.” Story

Business booming for Rocky Mountain backcountry sports companies

In the past couple decades, a trip to go skiing or climbing in remote regions of the Canadian Rockies has gone from a solitary experience to one where you’re often surrounded by other adventurers. The rise in outdoor enthusiasts has also led to an explosion in business for backcountry guiding, training and accommodation. Story

‘Export or die’: Doing business beyond borders can strengthen your operation

For Nicole Verkindt, founder and chief executive officer of the project-management software platform OMX, exporting was less of a choice and more of a necessity. Ms. Verkindt knew she would find more potential clients outside Canada, and she feared that her company may not survive on domestic business alone. Story

The right logo and branding can make or break a small business

When Monika Cywinska and her partners founded The AML Shop in 2016, a top priority was to develop branding that would help the company stand out in a traditionally buttoned-down sector. Their business, which is an anti-money laundering (AML) support and compliance consultancy, would serve banks, credit unions, legal and financial technology firms. Story

Initial coin offerings could provide badly needed financing for Canadian startups

The momentum around initial coin offerings (ICOs) continues to build. Since 2016, when less than US$100-million in ICOs was issued, more than $20-billion in capital has been raised. By the end of 2017, ICO funding originating in Canada totalled $175-million, good for eighth worldwide. Story

Ottawa taps Sheldon Levy to advise on scaling up small, medium businesses

Federal small-business minister Mary Ng has appointed former Ryerson president Sheldon Levy to advise her on how to help Canadian firms scale into global giants. Ms. Ng, who worked in the office of Mr. Levy when he was president and chancellor of Ryerson University, has asked him to spend the next six months in the unpaid position meeting with emerging small and medium enterprises that have received significant outside funding and market validation to identify “gaps or sticking points” that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. Story


Craft brewers may be left high and dry by supplier’s money woes

By this time, Jason Fisher expected the new warehouse he’s renting for his Junction-area brew pub Indie Ale House to be a hive of activity, with tanks and other brewing equipment for a long-planned expansion starting to arrive. Toronto Star

Women’s Entrepreneurship Knowledge centre to open at Mount Royal University

Mount Royal University will be home to a research centre dedicated to researching and aiding women starting their own enterprises, according to a federal government announcement earlier this week. StarMetro

Toronto designer shocked snowboard company selling no-slip mittens, after employee ordered her design to HQ

A Toronto designer says a major snowboard company ordered a pair of her no-slip mittens for kids, then started selling a similar product the following year, highlighting a problem faced by many independent designers as they try to protect their designs while looking for customers. CBC

Crypto market crash leaving bankrupt startups in its wake

The plunge in the cryptocurrency market is weighing on the software-development community that spawned over 1,000 digital coins amid dreams of independence from traditional financial systems and instant wealth. BNN Bloomberg

Seeing green: How a laid off welder opened Calgary’s largest pot shop

Amid pipeline problems and market mayhem, one Calgary welder is using skills learned in the oilpatch to kick-start a career in cannabis. Calgary Herald