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Small businesses shuttered by COVID-19 push for rent relief and eviction protection

Business groups are calling on governments to subsidize rents for small businesses hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and want evictions prohibited, a protection now offered to some residential tenants in Canada. Story

Legalities may constrain Ottawa’s bid to offer wage subsidies to workers, groups warn

Business groups are welcoming the federal government’s move to send monthly payments to workers who aren’t being paid by employers but haven’t been laid off. But they are warning that legal complexities could limit the program’s usefulness, and they argue that greater wage subsidies at the levels introduced in other countries – and paid to employers – are still needed. Story

Entrepreneurs say Ottawa’s aid plan won’t stop bleeding, layoffs

As Ottawa announces new measures to help workers and employers hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, entrepreneurs are warning that already promised funding is difficult to access and won’t prepare the work force to rebound when the crisis ends. Story

Unemployment claims reach nearly one million as businesses battered by coronavirus pandemic

Nearly one million Canadians applied for unemployment benefits since the beginning of last week as sweeping business shutdowns related to COVID-19 deliver an unprecedented blow to the country’s work force. Story

Business owners find creative ways to keep operations going despite storefront shutdowns

Small businesses shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic are finding innovative ways to operate behind closed doors so they can keep staff working, customers engaged and bring in some revenue amid brutal economic conditions. Story

Business owners grapple with layoff decisions while awaiting government help

Small business owners impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are being forced to make the tough choice of whether to lay off staff so they can get employment insurance (EI) or keep them on with few or no hours in case the government offers an improved financial incentive package. Story

Canadian small businesses are facing extinction amid lockdowns

No one planned for this. COVID-19 has brought the global economy to a standstill. With many provinces closing non-essential businesses, and consumption and consumer confidence decreasing, many Canadian small businesses are looking at extinction. Story