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Wage subsidies won’t stave off job losses, business groups say

The federal government plans to spend $3.8-billion to subsidize wages at small businesses over the next three months, but business groups say the measures will not stave off significant job losses as the fight against the coronavirus devastates the economy. Story

Small businesses face devastating losses as pandemic causes closures, reduced hours

The rapidly spreading new coronavirus is causing small businesses to take dramatic steps, from slashing hours and service to temporarily shutting down operations, as fears of the pandemic and the number of cases grows across the country. Story

What can you do to support your local small businesses in this outbreak?

For a small-business owner, it should have been a pleasant sight. But when Amer Diab, co-owner of the Three Speed, walked by on Saturday night to see the pub was packed, he knew something had to change. Story

Small businesses fear bankruptcy, want government action amid COVID-19

Entrepreneurs across the country worry they may have to shut down their companies because of the impact of the novel coronavirus – and they want the government to take action quickly. Story

Telemedicine companies see soaring demand for online health consultations

Canadian companies that provide online health consultations are seeing demand explode and are looking to hire hundreds of new employees as provinces’ traditional health-care systems experience unprecedented backlogs and delays from the coronavirus pandemic. Story

As employers send workers home, some tech companies stand to benefit from COVID-19 crisis

Paul Vallée has spent his career championing remote working as a way to bring economic opportunity to remote communities and hard-hit resource towns. Interest in the topic has skyrocketed the past few weeks – for reasons the veteran technology entrepreneur hadn’t imagined. Story

Coronavirus: Toronto city councillor calls for postponement of commercial property taxes

A Toronto city councillor is calling for commercial property taxes, water and waste collection bills to be postponed for local businesses in the city amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Global News