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Publishing platform Wattpad to develop film and TV projects based on stories from website

As the latest step in its efforts to become a global entertainment giant, Wattpad Corp., which began as an online platform that allows writers to self-publish, is starting to develop TV and film projects based on fiction that has appeared on their website. Story

Change is part of DNA for retailers, says industry watcher

The commercial real estate sector is facing a new, yet familiar problem – the spectre of widespread storefront vacancies. Story

‘This is not a high-margin business in the best of times’: Reopening retailers face tough road to recovery

As restrictions due to COVID-19 ease and stores begin to reopen, ​retailers are working to make customers feel safe enough to come in. But measures such as limits on the number of shoppers could also hinder their ability to recover after weeks of shut-downs. Story

Shopify to offer deposit accounts and payment cards to small business owners

E-commerce giant Shopify Inc. is extending its reach into financial services with plans to offer deposit accounts and payment cards to small-business owners who might feel underappreciated by traditional banks. Story

Thunderbird Entertainment’s Jennifer Twiner McCarron on how streaming is the game-changer

The dawn of the Netflix age sparked a content bonanza – and thanks to Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Thunderbird Entertainment is growing right along with demand. Story

For the British pub, COVID-19 could be terminal

Few traditions in Britain are more sacrosanct than strolling into a pub, ordering a pint of beer and striking up a conversation. Story