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Lexpert Roundup on the Business of Law

Lexpert identifies and reports on emerging business issues and practice areas in the business of law. Whether online, in our magazine or in the DealsWire e-newsletter, we chronicle deals and lawsuits of interest, and cover issues of broad concern to the legal profession and those who purchase legal services. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our latest content.

From the DealsWire: Comcast’s bid for Disney-Fox | Nevsun spurns Lundin | Shell sells stake in CRNL

The Lexpert DealsWire (subscribe here) documents facts, figures and key legal players behind recent deals. This week’s announced deal spotlight features the key players and figures in Altas Partners acquisition of University of St. Augustine, the largest educator of physical-therapy professionals in the US.

In our closed deals section, we look at Coveo Solutions closing an investment by Elliott Management, as well as Platinum Equity acquiring Husky Injection Molding Systems.

We also look at the legal players behind the sale of OPG’s Lakeview Lands to a consortium of developers, and HLS Therapeutics in its going public transaction.

Around The Track

Many fine lawyers from Canadian law firms have retired without Lexpert writing about it. Several of those, like Clay Horner, retired from a national firm, in his case Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP. But Horner rose to local fame and prominence at the same time Lexpert did, and the chronicling of the M&A deals he worked on filled Lexpert’s pages. And those deals are changing, as Lexpert’s conversation with Horner reveals.

Taxing Carbon

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in December 2016 the “historic” Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, to meet the country’s 2030 emissions reduction targets, there was a quintessentially Canadian element to the reactions of the political parties. For federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna, it would be like “herding cats to get all provinces and territories on board.”

Where the Mines Are

With Canada recognized as a world leader in mining, oil and gas, nuclear and infrastructure projects, Canadian lawyers get calls not only from Canadian clients doing mega projects abroad, but also from foreign enterprises that want to draw on their experience. But when lawyers follow their clients halfway around the world to volatile emerging market regions, it layers on additional challenges. And some of those are minefields.

Watchdogs to monitor firms abroad

The federal government’s announcement of two new initiatives for responsible business conduct for Canadian companies operating abroad has the potential to significantly increase reputational and other risks for those targeted by the measures. Yet the extent to which the Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise and the Advisory Body on Responsible Business will have any teeth — or produce any results — remains to be seen.

ADAS and the insurance industry

Much has been written about autonomous vehicles and how they will change the automobile manufacturing, insurance and trucking businesses, writes Stephen Moore in the Change Agent column. But while autonomous vehicles are likely still a long way off, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are finding their way into current mid-range and luxury vehicles. These systems are likely to change the insurance industry in significant ways, as well as the costs of litigation.

Getting the Most from Conferences

Given the wide array of approaches to business development available to today’s lawyers, many may wonder whether conference attendance will provide a good return on investment. But even when financial costs are high, the benefits of attending can be more than enough to outweigh the costs provided that one uses the right strategy and approach, writes Marketing columnist Donna Wannop.

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