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Lexpert identifies and reports on emerging business issues and practice areas in the business of law. Whether online, in our magazine, or in the DealsWire or LitigationWire e-newsletters, we chronicle deals and lawsuits of interest, and cover issues of broad concern to the legal profession and those who purchase legal services. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our latest content.

Protecting Brands in North America

When and if the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) is ratified by all parties, US attorneys and in-house counsel seeking to prosecute or enforce their clients’ intellectual property rights in Canada will notice its impact immediately. The agreement, which is yet to be ratified, affects several significant aspects of Canadian copyright, patent and trademark law and practice, writes Julius Melnitzer.

How Much Risk?

Telus Corp. is a Canadian company with several divisions. As well as its mobile phone, internet and TV businesses, it has a major health-IT unit, a venture-capital arm, and an international business-process outsourcing business. Each division has its own leadership team — and each leadership team has its own member of the legal department, comprising about 50 lawyers. Across the country, in-house counsel are strategic partners in their companies’ businesses, helping them assess risk and more, Sandra Rubin writes.

Cross-border Deals and Taxation

Foreign companies purchasing assets in Canada may choose to make the purchase through the creation of a Canadian subsidiary that pays all applicable taxes going forward, or create a foreign entity in a low-tax jurisdiction to the purchase the Canadian company. Many companies, especially large multinational business, look to shift revenue from high-tax jurisdictions to other nations through bilateral tax treaties or agreements.

Adapting to Changes in the Employment Law Bar

What has changed so dramatically in employment law and how should the bar respond? employment lawyer and Change Agent guest columnist Malcolm MacKillop identifies competition, client service and fees are the three principle changes, and advises flexibility in adjusting rates, and seeking creative ways to bill for services.

Summer is coming

While law firms often take into account non-billable activities, such as pro bono or business development, when setting compensation, it is unlikely that any firm is going to start crediting its lawyers for vacations taken. But maybe that should change, writes Lexpert’s editor-in-chief Jean Cumming; “the power of relaxation is known to us all.”

Software Development Risk 2.0

Technology columnist George Takach outlines the risks inherent in software development, and how to avoid them.

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