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Lexpert Roundup on the Business of Law Lexpert identifies and reports on emerging business issues and practice areas in the business of law. Whether online, in our magazine, or in the DealsWire or LitigationWire e-newsletters, we chronicle deals and lawsuits of interest, and cover issues of broad concern to the legal profession and those who purchase legal services. We hope you enjoy this sampling of our latest content.

From the DealsWire: Trans Mountain roadblock removed | Cross-border deals | Protecting brands

The Lexpert DealsWire (subscribe here) documents facts, figures and key legal players behind recent deals. This week’s announced deal spotlight features the key players and figures in the

Greystone Infrastructure Fund and IST3 Infrastruktur Global bid to acquire up to 100% of Alberta PowerLine LP from Canadian Utilities Ltd.

In our closed deals section, we look at Newmont’s completion of its $10 billion acquisition of Goldcorp, as well as Digital Colony’s $720-million purchase of Cogeco Peer 1.

We also look at the legal players behind CIP Capital’s acquisition of People 2.0 Global, and PRA Group’s purchase of of Resurgent Holdings LLC’s Canadian Business.

From the LitigationWire

The Lexpert LitigationWire (subscribe here) brings you news and opinions on litigation, arbitration, mediation, and legal moves in the litigation field. The June issue of Litigation Wire looks at trends in class action litigation in Canada, Bondfield Construction Company’s $125-million defamation action against The Globe and Mail, and how the USMCA, if ratified, would affect significant aspects of Canadian copyright, patent and trademark law and practice.

2019 Lexpert Zenith Awards: Celebrating Change Agents

The Lexpert Zenith Awards recognize lawyers who have made remarkable contributions to their profession, community and society. This year’s Lexpert Zenith Award winners are celebrated for being Change Agents in Law. For a full list of 2019 winners, complete with detailed bios and photos, visit

Uncertainty on the Environmental Assessment Front

In January 2019, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a bankrupt oil and gas company in Alberta had to fulfill provincial Environmental obligations before paying its creditors. Along with a Federal Court of Appeal ruling last August, which held that insufficient consultation had been done with Indigenous peoples in the construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline extension, the past year has seen notable decisions – and possible legislative changes – affecting environmental law in Canada.

Time on Trial

Time was once a friend of Justice. The process for the settlement of civil disputes was largely focused on the trial, advanced by sophisticated barristers with civil and criminal experience, and managed and heard before equally sophisticated judges. But time is no longer a friend of Justice, writes Gardiner Roberts partner John Campion in June’s Change Agent column.

Change Agents and Their Supporters

This year’s Lexpert Zenith Awards winners are all remarkable Change Agents, writes Lexpert’s editor-in-chief Jean Cumming in her editorial – and so are those who have supported them.

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