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Here are the top reads on deals and financial services over the last 24 hours,

Stalled recovery: After 18 months and a long slog to win back investors, Aritzia Inc. finally hit a hot streak. The celebration lasted barely a week. Story (Tim Kiladze, for subscribers)

Hydro One: In a May meeting, faced with questions from Washington State regulators over the degree to which Ontario politicians could interfere or even replace Hydro One’s leadership, CEO Mayo Schmidt reassured the regulators they had little to worry about. They are worried now. Story (David Milstead, for subscribers)

Wealth management products: Almost a year after it first began exploring the Canadian exchange-traded funds market, Canada’s fourth largest mutual fund firm, Fidelity Investments Canada ULC, is set to launch its first set of ETFs this fall. Story (Clare O’Hara, for subscribers)

Venture capital firms have a gender problem. Here’s how to fix it: The reports continue to pile up and the verdict remains the same: Venture capital firms have a gender problem. Specifically, investors in early-stage companies have too few women on their teams and that has become a huge hurdle for female entrepreneurs to leap over. Opinion (Contributors Michaelle McBane and Lauren Robinson)

Venture financing: Toronto serial tech entrepreneur Mike Serbinis has tapped a couple of Canadian corporate heavyweights to boost his latest startup. League Inc., which is looking to disrupt the health benefits market, has raised $62-million in its latest venture financing deal. Story (Sean Silcoff)


Everything About Private Equity Reeks of Bubble. Party On! Shattered fundraising records, big returns — and for almost no one, a sense of impending doom. Institutional Investor

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