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Brookfield in buy mode despite $25-billion drop in assets: Brookfield Asset Management Inc. says market turmoil in the first quarter cropped US$25-billion from the value of the assets it manages, but said its strong balance sheet is allowing it to plow ahead and buy what it sees as bargains. (David Milstead)

World’s largest asset managers seek overhaul of leveraged ETF sales rules: Some of the world’s largest asset managers are proposing an overhaul in the way leveraged exchange traded funds are sold to retail clients, as advocates in Canada call for more investor protection at discount brokerages that sell these high-risk funds. (Clare O’Hara and Mark Rendell)

Big banks are tightening lending standards for real estate investors: mortgage brokers: Big lenders are tightening their requirements for real estate investors, mortgage brokers say, which could further slow activity in places such as Southern Ontario where investor demand had driven up prices and sales. (Rachelle Younglai)

BoC warns sweeping credit-rating downgrades could force companies to refinance at higher rates, particularly in energy sector: The Bank of Canada said that its extraordinary efforts to soothe rattled financial markets are working, but it warned that credit downgrades and rising funding costs remain key threats to the corporate landscape – and the struggling energy sector in particular. (David Berman)

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