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Canadian banks face rising loan losses as government support programs taper off: Canada’s Big Six banks may face growing loan losses as government support programs wind down and loan-deferral and interest-rate relief programs for consumers come to a halt. (Yeji Jesse Lee and Clare O’Hara)

Ontario court delays Torstar takeover after rival bidder raises objections: An Ontario court has delayed the planned takeover of Torstar Corp. after a rival bidder raised last-minute objections to a private equity firm’s $60-million offer for the media company. (Andrew Willis)


RBC to raise $1.75-billion with new tax-efficient security: Royal Bank of Canada bolstered its balance sheet this week by selling $1.75-billion of a new, tax-efficient security, opening the door to what’s expected to be a wave of similar offerings from rival Canadian banks. (Mark Rendell and Andrew Willis)

Insurers offer out-of-country medical coverage amid COVID-19 pandemic: Two major travel insurers are reinstating out-of-country medical coverage for COVID-19 even as the federal government continues to advise Canadians against non-essential travel outside the border. (Clare O’Hara)

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