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This week: All eyes are on Catherine, Princess of Wales. That is, if our eyes can be trusted. Catherine, 42, has been out of the public eye since January when she had abdominal surgery. Her extended absence had caused rumours to swirl, and on Mother’s Day, the Royals released a photo of Catherine and her three children in an attempt to quell any concerns. But several wire services ordered the image’s retraction, after signs were discovered that the image had been heavily edited – which reignited the rumours and conspiracy theories. I’m not saying I’m a believer, but…

Also this week, Ottawa’s online harms bill comes under fire, and Washington has its sights set on a top social-media app.

Do you remember these stories and more? Take our news quiz.

1Which famous Canadian called the federal government’s proposed online harms bill “Orwellian”?
a. Margaret Atwood
b. Pierre Poilievre
c. Ryan Reynolds
d. Chris Hadfield

a. Margaret Atwood. Referring to George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, the author of the equally-dystopian The Handmaid's Tale argued the bill’s definitions of punishable hate speechdefinitions of punishable hate speech are vague and could invite abuse.

2Why did the U.S. House of Representatives pass a bill this week that could potentially ban TikTok in the country?
a. Joe Biden’s posts didn’t do well
b. The app is harmful to youth mental health
c. Its connections to China cause privacy concerns
d. The U.S. branch is suspected of financial impropriety

c. Its connections to China cause privacy concerns. The bipartisan bill, if passed through the Senate, would give TikTok’s Chinese owner ByteDance about six months to divest the U.S. assets of the short-video app, or face a ban. The app, used by 170 million Americans, is the latest target in a series of moves Washington has made to respond to national security concerns involving China.

3After it was revealed that an official photo of the Princess of Wales was heavily manipulated, what reason did the royal household give as an explanation?
a. The photo was AI-generated
b. The image was accidentally released to the public
c. The children weren’t smiling in the original
d. Catherine wanted to experiment with editing

d. Catherine wanted to experiment with editing. “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing,” the Princess wrote on X on Monday. Despite the seemingly innocuous reasoning for the edits, Palace officials said they will not release the original unedited photograph.

4The head of the foreign interference inquiry is granting opposition parties the right to cross-examine witnesses. The inquiry also granted this right to one person who isn’t currently a sitting member of any political party. Who is it?
a. Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair
b. Former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole
c. Former prime minister Stephen Harper
d. Pascale Fournier, former president of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

b. Former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole. O’Toole blamed part of his loss in the 2021 federal election on Chinese meddling. In May, 2023, CSIS briefed him that he had been the target of Chinese misinformation and voter-suppression efforts.

5The prime minister of which Caribbean country announced they would resign?
a. Cuba
b. Dominican Republic
c. Haiti
d. Trinidad and Tobago

c. Haiti. Ariel Henry seized leadership of Haiti after then-president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in 2021, and promised to eventually hold elections. But when he failed to do so last year – citing the dangers of gang violence – it stoked more public anger and calls for his resignation. On March 11, Henry said he would step down as soon as a transitional presidential council could take charge.

6Canada is preparing for a once-in-decades solar eclipse next month. Which is the largest Canadian city in the path of the event?
a. Montreal
b. Ottawa
c. Calgary
d. Halifax

a. Montreal. Downtown Montreal just made it into the path of totality, which is the area in which people can experience a total eclipse of the heart … I mean sun. It’ll also reach parts of Ontario and Eastern Canada. Just make sure you're prepared.

7It’s official: U.S. President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump are facing off this November. When was the last time the same two candidates ran against each other in consecutive presidential elections?
a. 1816
b. 1928
c. 1956
d. 1984

c. 1956. The last repeat presidential matchup took place in 1956, when Republican president Dwight Eisenhower defeated former Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson, a Democrat, for the second time. Biden and Trump are also the oldest-ever candidates to compete in a presidential election.

8In a survey, how did the majority of teens describe their feelings after going without their smartphones?
a. Happy
b. Anxious
c. Angry
d. Bored

a. Happy. The report from the Pew Research Center found that three-quarters of teens surveyed felt happier and more peaceful when they went without their phones. However, most teens say smartphones also make it easier to be creative and pursue hobbies.

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