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The chairman of the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund is thanking everyone who was part of a $15.2-million GoFundMe campaign and its distribution to those involved in the bus crash.

Darrin Duell, president of the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund, says in a statement that it’s been a “long, difficult and painful process” since the April 6 crash that left 16 people dead and 13 injured.

He acknowledged Humboldt resident Sylvie Kellington, who created a GoFundMe page in the hours after the crash, for her foresight in initiating the appeal and the 140,000-plus people who donated for their kindness to the Broncos families.

“Thank you for having faith in us that your donation would make it to where it was intended,” said Duell.

Duell noted the board of directors, advisory committee, legal team and others involved volunteered their time as they worked through the distribution procedure required by Saskatchewan legislation.

The committee’s recommendations were approved by a Saskatchewan judge Wednesday.

Each of the 16 families who lost a loved one in the crash will receive a total of $525,000, while each of the 13 surviving players will receive $475,000.

At least one of the survivors, Kaleb Dahlgren, posted a statement on social media thanking everyone who contributed.

“I am humbled by your generosity and am so thankful,” he wrote.

Dahlgren, who’s now at York University in Toronto, also acknowledged everyone who was involved in the “well-thought-out” distribution of funds.

“I am sure it was not easy, but I appreciate all of you volunteering your time and energy,” he said.

He added that he’s thankful for everyone’s support.

“Nothing can ever reverse what happened on April 6 – if it could, any one of us would give up anything and everything in a heartbeat to do so,” said Dahlgren. “I will always be the best person I can be and live my life to the absolute fullest in honour of my 16 angels.”