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The City of Edmonton faces environmental charges after allegedly using weed control chemicals inappropriately.

Alberta officials say the city has been charged with six counts under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and one count under the province’s pesticide regulations.

The charges are related to a set of events from May 11 to Sept. 9, 2016.

One of the charges alleges that the chemical had a label that said it was not to be used in residential areas.

The city says the charges stem from the inadvertent use of a herbicide called Hyvar X-L by a city crew on pathways in a residential neighbourhood.

The city says the pathways were closed and property owners, schools and community leagues were notified.

“Before reopening the pathways we carried out a comprehensive analysis of the area and confirmed there was no trace of herbicide or other contaminant,” the city said in a statement Friday.

“The city no longer uses Hyvar X-L for any purpose, having discontinued its use after the incident in May 2016.”

The city is to appear in court on the charges Sept. 28.

No further details were provided on what exactly happened, but court documents show it was related to the inappropriate use of pesticides.

One of the charges alleges that the pesticide had a label not to use in residential areas.

The first court appearance for the city is set for Sept. 28 in the Edmonton Law Courts.

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