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Good evening, here are the coronavirus updates you need to know tonight.

Top headlines:

  1. How Italy squandered an opportunity to control its COVID-19 cases and doomed itself to an open-close cycle
  2. Picard: With COVID-19, Canada is paying the price for being complacent
  3. Ottawa introduces long-awaited bill to provide businesses with direct access to rent relief

In Canada, there have been at least 240,263 cases reported. In the last week 20,050 new cases were announced, 7 per cent more than the previous week.

There have also been at least 199,515 recoveries and 10,208 deaths. Today, 29 new deaths were reported, compared to 43 yesterday.

new deaths canada nov 2The Globe and Mail

Worldwide, there have been at least 46,509,786 cases confirmed and 1,200,080 deaths reported.

Sources: Canada data is compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data is from Johns Hopkins University.

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Photo of the day

Election workers sort absentee ballot envelopes at the Lansing City Clerk's office in Michigan, while a ventilation duct helps to circulate air as a COVID-19 protection measure. For the first time, Michigan law is allowing clerks to expedite the vote-counting process by removing secrecy envelopes from outer mailing envelopes one day ahead of the election. At 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Election Day, they can actually begin to count the absentee ballots.John Moore/Getty Images

Coronavirus in Canada

In Ottawa, the federal government has introduced a bill to provide businesses with direct access to emergency rent relief, a month after announcing the new measure.

  • The bill would also extend the federal emergency wage subsidy until June, 2021.
  • The government’s previous rent relief program was widely criticized because it needed buy-in from landlords, many of whom did not participate.
  • The new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy is intended to allow commercial tenants to apply directly for rent and mortgage-interest support.

Coronavirus around the world

  • Italy, the original European centre of the pandemic, squandered the opportunity to keep its COVID-19 cases under control. New infections have climbed tenfold since the start of October and are hitting 25,000 or more a day. By Monday, the Italian government was on the verge of announcing new restrictions that may fall just short of a full national lockdown.
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday defended his decision to impose a second lockdown in England, brushing aside criticism that weeks of delay have meant thousands more infections and hundreds of needless deaths.
  • The International Monetary Fund on Monday warned Group of 20 major economies that the coronavirus crisis is not over and called on the United States and other countries to increase the amount of fiscal spending currently planned.

Coronavirus and business

Consumer sentiment is waning in Canada as COVID-19 cases rise and new lockdown measures are put in place, a worrying sign for an economic recovery that depends on robust spending by households.

  • The Conference Board of Canada’s index of consumer confidence dropped 9.5 points in October to 74.1, the largest monthly decrease since April.

Also today: Real estate investors are increasingly trying to get out of closing on their newly built condos in Toronto and area. Since the pandemic started early this year, the rental vacancy rate in the Greater Toronto Area has reached its highest level in more than a decade.

And: Quebec’s aerospace sector is calling for financial support from the federal government after 4,300 jobs were lost in the province during the pandemic.

Globe opinion

  • André Picard: ‘“COVID is beating us,’ Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said Monday. But he’s wrong: We are letting the virus beat us with our complacency and half-measures."
  • Eileen Dooley: “It’s an interesting paradox. In ‘normal’ times, you might never have invited colleagues into where you live, or even shown them the outside of your house. But now, you regularly interact with them by video from your kitchen or dining room table, living room, spare bedroom, or home office.”

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Sources: Canada data are compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins University and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data are from Johns Hopkins.

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