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  1. How likely is it for a vaccinated person to contract COVID-19? A Mount Sinai Hospital study sheds light
  2. Families anxious over return to-school: The return to class is happening against a backdrop of deep concern, as a new chapter of the pandemic begins
  3. Some restaurants in Canada are enforcing their own vaccine protocols –but it’s regulations like these that aren’t without backlash, especially on social media

In the past seven days, 14,501 cases were reported, up 12 per cent from the previous seven days. There were 92 deaths announced, up 188 per cent over the same period. At least 725 people are being treated in hospitals and 1,416,967 others are considered recovered.

Canada’s inoculation rate is 9th among countries with a population of one million or more people.

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Sources: Canada data is compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data is from Johns Hopkins University.

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Israeli children undergo COVID-19 antibody testing in the coastal city of Netanya on Aug. 22, 2021, before the start of the new school year. Israel launched antibody testing for children as young as three, seeking information on the number of unvaccinated youth who have developed protection against coronavirus ahead of the new school year, in order to avoid the hardships and developmental setbacks caused by school closures.JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Coronavirus in Canada

Breakthrough coronavirus infections are top of mind for Canadian public-health officials as they grapple with the fourth wave of the pandemic, propelled by the Delta variant, which is the most contagious version of COVID-19 so far.

  • The longer-term worry is vaccine escape, in which a new variant emerges with a combination of mutations that render vaccines completely ineffective. Against that troubling scenario, the Delta variant may become our unlikely ally, simply because its high rate of transmission makes it harder for other variants to gain a foothold even if they are more resistant to vaccines.
  • According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, by the beginning of this month about 0.03 per cent of fully vaccinated Canadians had become infected with COVID-19. While the number of breakthrough infections is small, the prevalence of the Delta variant ensures that it will grow.

Back to school? The decision between in-person or virtual learning was a tough one for those parents who had to choose, while facing inconsistent COVID-19 safety protocols across different school jurisdictions.

Coronavirus and business

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout progresses and restrictions lift, companies are beginning to welcome their employees back to the office. But they have also discovered the workforce is increasingly divided. Experts say young people are more eager to return to the office than their older colleagues.

  • With many workplaces going the hybrid route, it’s not just young employees who will have to adapt. Managers will also have to adjust the way they evaluate and make promotion decisions when considering new staff who may have decided to work from home.

Also today: Few restaurants that were contacted by The Globe wanted to go on the record about plans to take extra COVID-19 precautions, but many applauded those efforts and said they wished they similarly could do them. Restaurant owners in cities such as Saskatoon, Calgary and Kelowna, B.C., worried about backlash.

And: While some companies wait on provincial governments, others say vaccination will be a requirement for employees who decide to return to the office.

Plus: Canada’s six largest banks are prepared to release financial results for the third quarter, but investors are unsure whether the COVID-19 Delta variant will play foil to an economic rebound.

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Sources: Canada data are compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins University and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data are from Johns Hopkins.

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