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Good evening, these are the top coronavirus headlines tonight:

Top headlines:

An increasing number of health agencies have changed how they're reporting data on the coronavirus. A look at the current numbers in Canada for reported cases, deaths from COVID-19 and for hospitalizations can be found here.

COVID-19 updates from Canada and the world

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Pandemic recovery

  • The biggest companies in Canada have increased their sales and profits by leaps and bounds over the course of the pandemic, according to a Globe and Mail study of the financial statements of more than 200 publicly traded companies.
  • The lifting of COVID restrictions in China is set to boost global oil demand this year to a new record high, the International Energy Agency said on Wednesday.
  • Beijing’s decision to relax travel restrictions has sparked excitement among Canadian restaurants, hotels, tour operators and others who cater to China’s deep-pocketed tourists, but the rebound in travel from China is unlikely to be quick.

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More reading

  • Tens of thousands of nurses across England walked out of hospitals on Wednesday, on strike over low pay that they say leaves them struggling to cover their bills and extreme stress at work that has pushed many to the edge.

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