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Good evening – here are the coronavirus updates you need to know tonight.

Top headlines

  1. Prime Minister Trudeau warns Trump administration that blocking trade of essential goods could backfire.
  2. Modelling data shows up to 15,000 could die in Ontario from COVID-19.
  3. More doctors have died of COVID-19 in Italy than any other country.

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Today’s photo

A Palestinian youth dressed as a clown in personal protective gear puts on a show for children confined to home in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza StripSAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images

Coronavirus in Canada

12,375 cases have been reported, more than double the number from 6 days ago. There have also been 2,255 recoveries and 178 deaths. Health officials have administered 301,715 tests.

In Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned the Trump administration against blocking trade of essential goods between the U.S. and Canada, after medical manufacturer 3M said it is being forced to stop exporting N95 face masks.

  • 3M said it has been told by the White House to stop sending N95 masks to Canada, but the company says there would be “significant humanitarian implications” in doing so.

The Prime Minister warned the U.S. that blocking trade could backfire, and “end up hurting Americans as much as it hurts anybody else.”

Still in Ottawa, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer called for greater parliamentary scrutiny, and said the Opposition should be able to directly question the government. He suggestions include having a small number of MPs meeting in the House of Commons or committee meetings via video-conferencing.

  • The NDP also want greater parliamentary scrutiny. The party suggested a video-conferencing question period or more committee meetings.

Also today: Business and policy leaders say the conditions for the government’s wage subsidy program leave many out, including tech startups.

Number of the day


New York State recorded more than 500 coronavirus-related deaths in a single day, said Governor Andrew Cuomo. 2,935 people have died in the state from COVID-19.

  • New York City alone accounts for more than a quarter of the country’s 6,058 COVID-19-related deaths.
  • The city’s funeral homes are overwhelmed, and asking for help.

Coronavirus around the world

There have been at least 1,076,646 cases confirmed; with 225,427 recoveries and 58,029 deaths reported.

  • In the United States, the Trump administration says the CDC has advised Americans to wear homemade masks in public. Trump says its a voluntary measure and he won’t wear a mask.
  • Also in the United States, FBI seized a truckload of medical supplies that were being shipped from Canada to an American accused of profiteering. The shipment included nearly 200,000 surgical masks, which are now being redirected to doctors and nurses.
  • Spain has overtaken Italy in number of confirmed coronavirus cases. The country has 117,710 confirmed cases, second only to the United States whose population is some seven times larger.
  • In the weeks since Italy reported its first coronavirus death, 74 doctors have died. About 8 per cent of the country’s 120,000 cases are hospital workers. No other country has seen so many of its doctors die.
  • Yesterday, the government in Greece locked down one refugee camp after 23 of its 2,300 residents tested positive. There are fears coronavirus could spread rapidly among the estimated 76,000 people who live in refugee camps.
  • More than half the countries in Africa have closed their borders, however, the restrictions may delay access to aid.

Coronavirus and business:

What happened today?

The Big Six banks say they have deferred more than 10 per cent of mortgages. Almost 500,000 requests to defer or skip a payment have been completed or are in process.

And: The oil and gas industry’s service sector could be “completely decimated” without a bigger aid package, industry associations say.

Reader question

Question: I can’t stop stress snacking. What are some tips to keep a healthy diet while working from home?

Answer: Working from home doesn’t have to derail your diet. The following strategies can help you stay – or get back – on your healthy eating path. Here are some tips:

  1. Maintain structure: Set a normal eating schedule, then stick to it.
  2. Plan and pre-portion meals: Having a meal plan will help you make healthy choices and avoid snacking.
  3. But when you do snack: Choose the right snack. Try pitas with hummus and olives, homemade popcorn, baked sweet potato fries or steamed edamame.

And remember: These are unprecedented times. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes a little longer than expected to find your rhythm.

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An act of kindness

Pat, from Parksville on Vancouver Island writes:

My husband, a WW2 vet, turned 95 years of age on March 22nd.

We knew that we couldn’t celebrate with others this year. I was fortunate in that I had purchased a birthday card for him, weeks before. Early in the afternoon of the 22nd, there was a knock at the door. We opened it to the singing of Happy Birthday.

The Globe and Mail

Two of our neighbours had come to celebrate Lorne’s birthday at a distance. One neighbour had baked and decorated a cake and the other neighbours had made a sign. It was a wonderful celebration. We both, were very grateful for their kindness.

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🎧 For the music buff

Did you miss Joel Plaskett’s live concert with The Globe?

The Globe and Mail

Joel played some of his most popular songs, and premiered news songs from his upcoming album, 44, an ambitious quadruple-record box set that celebrates sounds and collaborators from across his career.

Catch up on the livestream and watch Joel’s brand-new song, Frontlines of the Hard Times. The Juno-winning musician says he wrote the tune honouring healthcare workers just days ago.

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