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Good evening, these are the top coronavirus headlines tonight:

Top headlines:

In the past seven days, there were 263 deaths from COVID-19 nationally, down 32 per cent over the same period. At least 3,523 people are being treated in hospitals and 243 are in the ICU.

Canada’s inoculation rate is 17th among countries with a population of one million or more people.

Sources: Canada data is compiled from government websites, Johns Hopkins and COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group; international data is from Johns Hopkins University.

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COVID-19 updates from Canada and the world

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Pandemic recovery

  • There appears to be pent-up demand for vacation rentals within Canada this year as the pandemic pressure continues to wane. As a result, renters should be prepared for sticker shock. “I managed to get a reasonable price, but as I was looking, I was surprised to hear many of the numbers being thrown at me – they’re all unaffordable to me,” says Candace Wagman, who is renting a house on British Columbia’s picturesque Gabriola Island this summer.
  • Tipping rates and the range of services customers are expected to tip for appear to have risen over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, largely because of a new-found empathy much of the public developed toward front-line workers, who were either laid off from their jobs due to lockdowns or had to incur the risk of preparing and delivering food and other goods. But, some restaurants are abandoning tipping altogether in favour of paying their staff higher wages.
  • American Airlines Group Inc has become the latest U.S. carrier to lift its forecast for quarterly revenue, another sign that pandemic-weary travellers were shrugging off rising airfares to plan more leisure trips.
  • For Amplify, The Globe’s Rita Trichur writes: “This pandemic, however, has taken my stress to a whole new level and I finally hit my limit this year … I was tired, cranky and suffering from writer’s block. That’s when I did something on a whim. I whipped out my smartphone and booked my first solo vacation in more than 20 years. That’s right – no husband or children. Just me.

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Globe opinion

Gus Carlson: In pushing his Tesla workers back to the office, Elon Musk embraces a decades-old management principle

Patrick Brethour: The Ontario election willfully ignored the undeniable economic challenges bearing down on the province

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