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Today, readers are responding to a four-month Globe investigation into labour trafficking in Canada. Making people pay for jobs in this country is illegal. It’s also a lucrative business for some recruiters, immigration consultants and employment agents who offer hope, but deliver exploitation.

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Filipino nationals Jonah Falgui and Edeline Agoncillo were told that, if they enrolled in college courses in Alberta, it would get them coveted long-term work permits. Instead, they ended up thousands of dollars in debt and no closer to a life in Canada.Amber Bracken/The Globe and Mail


Human trafficking is basically modern day slavery. Unbelievable that these immigration consultants are allowed to get away with this. Shame on Canadian corporations and career colleges that do business with these consultants.


This is human trafficking. Once again, Canada is the naive fool, pretending that it is "better" than this. In fact, we are not. The failure of government to regulate this abuse is a national outrage. A "self governing council"? Are we insane?


We need more of this. Kathy Tomlinson with another home run. Can't say enough about supporting this type of journalism. Really big stuff.

Kenneth Truscott:

Thank you Globe and Mail for this excellent piece of investigative journalism. Surely the Federal and Provincial governments can find ways to bring an end to this exploitation of vulnerable people who only want what we all want. Furthermore to expeditiously bring these human traffickers to justice and also pay back the money they have extorted.


If the Governments of Canada and BC were to target the criminal activity of the people involved( not the victims) and take away the assets they have gained through this illegal ”consulting”, then the incentive to do it would fast disappear. These people, Bansal being a prime example are really no different than the snakeheads who run illegal human trafficking. They are just targeting a different type of trafficking. The victims here are those that pay them.

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