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Today’s comments were selected from the hotly debated article by Laura Stone about Doug Ford cancelling funding for three new GTA university campuses. The satellite campuses were set for Markham, Milton and Brampton and would have served 8,000 students.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford during a media event in Saskatoon, Thursday, October 4, 2018.Liam Richards/The Canadian Press

Choices have to be made given the current provincial finances. Nobody likes having things taken away once they are given. It is a basic law of economics that you can only spend more than your income for so long until the day of reckoning arrives. That day is here. - Former Vancouverite

The population is growing, especially in the target areas of these new satellite campuses. We need to expand facilities as the population grows just to stay on an even footing in the quality of an Ontario education. I can’t believe this was thought through to any depth. Proving once again that while knowledge is powerful, ignorance is much more so, for the damage poor thinking can cause in a very short time. - sloftstra

Has anyone noticed that every move this government makes is impulsive, mean spirited and will likely have serious negative consequences. They came into office with no plan and are just winging it. Their partisans will say, “but we’re broke”. They lost $3 billion in a blink cancelling carbon pricing. Many corporations are making out like bandits - have them pay their fare share. But cutting education funding is totally wrongheaded. - Robert Drouin

In response to Robert Drouin:

The Liberals going into debt that our kids will have to pay for while raising my taxes was as mean spirited as it gets. - Fool Finder

As hard as this is for a lot of folks, it’s necessary. Ontario has had a severe spending problem over the past decade and increasing revenues through heavy taxation cannot be an option. We needs cuts and they need to be not only across the board, but deep. - Free Me

In response to Free Me:

I agree. I’m also not sure that the proliferation of “satellite campuses” makes for the best student experiences and general university efficiencies. - MavnGoose

In response to MavnGoose:

At least the students in those cities could get their degrees while living at home. Much more affordable even if the experience is not as good. - Skeptical1

How many jobs, from initial construction to those created by these schools for the next, say, couple of hundred years, just got eliminated? And all the tax revenue and economic contributions that go with these jobs over the long haul? This kind of spending is an investment, and a good one. - ap_69546887

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