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In this activity, you'll learn to build a device that harnesses the power of the wind.Charlie Riedel/The Associated Press

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Design and build a device that lifts objects using the power of wind!

What You Need

· Small, lightweight object (to use as a load to lift)

· Tools: tape, scissors pencil and paper

· Materials: Recycled paper and/or sticky notes, string, drinking straws, craft sticks, recycled cardboard, fine yarn or thread, pipe cleaners, etc.

*Safety first!

· Be careful when using scissors!

What to Do

1. Draw a design on paper of a wind-powered elevator that can lift a small load. Label the parts of your design.

2. Build your wind-powered elevator. Keep in mind that the elevator should be totally wind-powered. The load is lifted only by blowing on the structure.

3. Test it out!

4. Make modifications until you get it to work.

What’s happening?

You have just used a renewable source of energy to power your elevator - moving air! Energy from the wind, the Sun, and moving water are all forms of renewable energy.

Why does it matter?

Perhaps you have seen wind turbines starting to dot the countryside or shoreline in your region? Wind energy along with other renewable energy sources are helping to meet the growing energy demands in our world. They also reduce the need to burn coal and other fossil fuels for energy. Wind turbines will generate electricity as long as the wind is blowing. They do not produce greenhouse gases while they are operating. This is good for the Earth!

Investigate further

· Modify your elevator design to lift a heavier object or more than one object at a time.

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