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Let’s Talk Science and the Royal Society of Canada have partnered to provide Globe and Mail readers with relevant coverage about issues that affect us all – from education to the impact of leading-edge scientific discoveries. Let’s Talk Science offers a number of fun activities to get youth engaged in STEM.

Halloween is a prime example of a time when many people buy clothing that will only be worn once before being thrown away, and on top of that many of the commercially made, mass-produced costumes are made from cheap synthetic fibers that won’t break down for a very long time once they reach the landfills.

But Halloween can be a time of creativity and resourcefulness!

What to Do

This year we challenge you to look around your closet and your home and use what you have on hand to create a great Halloween costume! We will be sharing some of our ideas throughout October to help inspire you, and will share any great ones that you share with us as well!

Tag us and use #Clothing4Climate and #onHandHalloween to make sure we see your great ideas!

Investigate further

● Upcycling old clothing instead of throwing them out and buying new ones keeps waste out of landfills which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Transform an old pair of jeans into a fun new item.

● Swapping clothes instead of throwing them out and buying new ones reduces greenhouse gas emissions caused by clothing consumption and waste. Plan a halloween clothing swap.

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