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A man has been charged with forcible confinement and assault following what police describe as an incident involving “race-related comments.”

Police in London, Ont., say on July 17, a man was in a grocery store and tried to stop another man from leaving.

The exchange was captured on camera and the video was posted on social media, where it has since garnered two million views.

In it, a man appears to be physically blocking another man from leaving while speaking to someone on his cellphone and referring to that man as an “illegal alien.”

Police spokeswoman Sandasha Bough said the alleged victim didn’t want to press charges, but officers with the force’s hate crime unit decided to continue their investigation.

She said Phillip McLaughlin, 39, of London, Ont. has been charged with assault, forcible confinement and causing a disturbance.

If Mr. McLaughlin is convicted and the incident is determined to have been hate-related, it will affect his sentence, Const. Bough said.

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