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Long COVID, known medically as post-COVID-19 condition, is affecting an estimated 1.4 million people in Canada. The symptoms – fatigue, shortness of breath, anxiety, depression – are keeping Canadians from their work and their lives.

New research continues to emerge that is helping physicians understand the condition and improve diagnostics, but many patients with lingering symptoms after an infection report that doctors seem uncomfortable broaching the issue because they don’t know how to treat it or where to refer them. The research found more than 100 reported symptoms, some that persist and keep people from being able to return to full-time work a year after infection.

Ahead of the three-year anniversary of the WHO declaring the coronavirus pandemic, we want to hear from Globe readers about how long COVID has changed their lives.

Whether your experience with long COVID is new, ongoing or behind you, we encourage you to share your story with The Globe and Mail using the form below or at this link. Or if you’d prefer, please share your story by e-mailing with “Long COVID” in the subject line.

The Globe is no longer collecting responses. Read what Globe readers want you to know about living with long COVID

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