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Reopening society after COVID-19

As Canada enters its eighth week of physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, some provinces are beginning to ease restrictions and allow businesses to reopen. But the plans vary greatly in terms of detail and timeline. It’s unclear what will be considered a “new normal” for most people as the novel coronavirus continues to infect people and the arrival of a vaccine is unknown. Join us on our Instagram channel for a livestream Q&A where we will explore the specifics that we know regarding reopening, what they mean and how they will affect your life.

What is my province or territory’s coronavirus lockdown like, and when will it be lifted? A guide

Thursday, May 7, 8-9 p.m. ET
Join our livestream discussion featuring:
  • André Picard, health columnist at The Globe
  • Madeleine White, senior audience editor (moderator)

We will cover:
  • Which provinces have announced their reopening plans and how do they differ? Where do schools fit into it? What are public health officials saying about reopening at this point?
  • What types of public health structures are in place or will need to be in place to cope with COVID-19 cases as we reopen society?
  • What is herd immunity? What are immunity passports?
  • What is a “second wave” and how will we know when we’re in one? What can other countries who are further along in their experience with COVID-19 teach us?
  • What’s next: How long will these measures be in place and how will we know whether they are working? What will the “new normal” look like for the next few months? The next few years?

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Join us:
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