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In this Jan. 7, 2020, file photo, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex leave after visiting Canada House in London.The Associated Press

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Readers respond: Harry and Meghan, and why members of the Royal Family can’t live in Canada

If the Windsors want to live in Canada, paying their own way, and paying taxes like the rest of us, I am fine with that.

If they propose to freeload on the Canadian taxpayer, then no thanks. I see no need to subsidize the royal soap opera. –John and Melanie

They can live next door to me. They can be half-royal, quarter-royal, eighth-royal for all I care. But I cannot, cannot, cannot pay one cent toward their security. This from a lifelong Liberal. I would probably never vote Conservative – but I could convince myself to vote NDP or Green.

Want to be an integral part of the Commonwealth? Send the money to an African Commonwealth country in need, and not on security for two multi-millionaires who would bring no economic value to Canada. –Cecilia2010

No skin off my nose … as long as Canadian taxpayers are not on the hook. If they pay their own way, how is this different than a snowbird spending six months in Florida? –Steve2210

As an immigrant from the United Kingdom (1952) and now every bit a Canadian, it seems to me the height of condescension that Harry (a U.K. citizen) and Meghan (a U.S. citizen) seem to take it for granted that they may live as long as they please in Canada without having to go through any formalities.

And worse, that the Canadian citizens should pay a million a year for his security staff while he loiters in this country. –m clement hall

Part of the difference between a royal presence in Canada versus in the United Kingdom is that ordinary titles such as Lord of Crossharbour are not acceptable to the government of the day. Here the latest is the experience of Conrad Black with the government headed by Jean Chrétien. Mr. Black was not allowed to use the title in Canada, which ruled against titles many years ago. Thus, a resident Duke or Earl would pose somewhat of a problem with precedent. That said, there is no reason at all why Harry and Meghan couldn’t live in Canada, but in doing so, they would be guests of this country, not in any official capacity.

Appointment as Governor General would be a possibility if the government of the day were to issue an invitation, but that position is filled at present. Moreover, it would require residence in Ottawa, and there is no indication that they would like it there. There are warmer places to live, such as on the west coast, and if privacy is a consideration, that is the most likely choice.

So at the end of the day, there is no reason why they could not reside, at least part time, in Canada. It’s actually a nice place to live and they have friends here. –incepitfidelis

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Merchandise featuring Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is seen on sale on Jan. 14, 2020, in London.Peter Summers/Getty Images

Nonsense, times change and we must change with the times. Reading this article gives the impression we should live in some long forgotten past and never evolve into the present tense. –kbaumgart

A simple solution. All Meghan and Harry have to do is to give birth to their second child here. After all, thousands of tourists have done it. –twofifths

They don’t really want to move to Canada. I think Meghan wants back to Los Angeles, that’s the real, final destination. –CNWhitby

Who really cares if Harry and Meghan move to Canada? –josephcrisafi

We are letting anyone and everyone in the country as it stands now. Why should they be any different. At least they can pay their own way. –Trowler

Harry and Meghan should have walked across the border at the well-known irregular crossing at Roxham Road in Quebec. If they did that, they would have been greeted by the RCMP, given spending cash and health cards and sent to Toronto for free hotel accommodation. They could then stay in Canada indefinitely like the vast majority of irregular border crossers, particularly if they claim discrimination in their country of origin. –old taxpayer

Two people want to move to Canada – fine let them follow the rules – apply for work permits (if they intend to work as Meghan says she does) otherwise they come as visitors for six months. If permanent status is their goal, Canada has a process for that – and a line, a points system and taxes to pay – and Canadian citizens don’t hold titles. –arctic parrot

Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, holding their son Archie, meet Archbishop Desmond Tutu (not pictured) at the Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa, on Sept. 25, 2019.Toby Melville/Reuters

Don’t be silly. The Queen is the Queen of Canada, not just the United Kingdom. Otherwise our head of state would be foreign. She’s not of course. Her son is welcome here and doesn’t have to renounce anything. His royal status confers him no benefits, other than fame. –Fred8888

We live in a country where the capital city has a tulip festival annually, when the city is carpeted with them. When did the tulips become a feature of the landscape? After the Second World War, when Queen Juliana of the Netherlands sent 100,000 bulbs for having provided refuge to the Dutch royal family.

Not to mention other members of the British Royal Family and other European royals have spent extended periods of time in Canada living here, attending school, etc. –duali

The Dutch monarchy were provided refuge in Canada while Nazis roamed around Amsterdam and Utrecht. They faced an existential threat, and they left when that threat subsided. What existential threat do Meghan and Harry face in the United Kingdom? Mean newspapers, too much rain, fish and chips?

The gift from the Netherlands was a thank you for protecting them from Nazis. –BIGJOHNCANUCK

The Globe describes the joys of having “a virtual monarch who remains permanently ensconced across the sea.” For what purpose I ask? The monarch does nothing but make appearances and smile and wave and read what is handed to her for public ceremonies. The Royal Family is an absurdly expensive cheerleading squad that has no purpose in a modern society. We elect our leaders. We have no need for hereditary monarchs. –zuglo9

Plain old Harry and Meghan from Sussex is exactly what they want to be. Harry is sixth in line to the Crown. He doesn’t have any power and is not likely to have any. If he were ever offered the post of No. 1 honcho and he accepted, surely he would move right back to merry old England. It would not do any more harm to Canada if he lived here part time, while paying for his own security like all our other rich folk, then it has with his family living on Vancouver Island for the last little while. Oh, and of course they would have to pay their taxes. –Fcfrancis

I concur with the editorial as to not having the royals as monarchy living in Canada. Harry and Meghan have to work out their issues on their own turf. We do not need to have Canada embroiled in their existential angst.

There are many issues with their situation. Given that Harry and Meghan are living on the backs of other people, they are not entitled to our tax dollars. This simply cannot happen. Canada is not a dumping ground for these or other disenchanted royals.

So, Meghan and Harry: If you are reading these comments, please take them to heart and stay in Britain! –Dr Donna Michaels

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex pose for a group photo at the Queen's Young Leaders Awards Ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London on June 26, 2018.John Stillwell/The Associated Press

The Globe is simply going to have to recognize that Canada is becoming a more and more prestigious and important country, and it’s always been one of the great ones. This is one aspect of that.

Whether you’re stepping off of a boat, or you’re sixth in line to the throne of England, Canada’s the place to be.

Our system works (for the most part). –Excimer

Of course they can live here. Long-standing traditions often come to an end. I think it would be great to have Harry and Meghan live here. –gordonmacrae1

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