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A still from Alice Reid's video on Facebook shows her cat, Coco, leaping from a utility pole in Dildo, N.L.Alice Reid/The Canadian Press

An orange tabby cat in Newfoundland is quickly becoming famous for a daring leap from the top of an electricity pole.

A video making the rounds on social media shows Coco jumping to the ground, paws splayed, as a utility worker shimmies to the top of the pole to rescue the cat.

Alice Reid, Coco’s owner and videographer, says the cat was chased up the pole by a dog, and stuck up there for about two hours.

She says she tried to use a ladder to get Coco down, but says her daughter ultimately called Newfoundland Power’s emergency line because there seemed to be nothing else they could do.

Reid says Coco was unharmed and unbothered by the ordeal, and that he’s been sleeping, purring and eating plenty of treats since his big descent.

She says she posted her video of the thwarted rescue to Facebook on Monday to thank the lineman for his efforts; it’s since been shared nearly 700 times and covered by at least one local media outlet.

“That pole was shaking a nice bit, and the cat was frightened to death,” Reid said in an interview, adding that Coco was “steady bawlin’” the whole time he was on the pole. “I didn’t think he was going to leap … my God, what a fright.”

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