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All 23 people sent to a Niagara Region hospital after an acid spill at an auto plant have been discharged.

That includes three who were directly exposed to a vapour cloud of hydrochloric acid.

The spill took place at the T-H-K Rhythm Automotive plant in St. Catharines.

First responders were called to the business this morning after staff accidentally bumped a value, which released about five litres of the hazardous chemical.

Fire Chief Dave Upper says three people were directly exposed through inhalation and skin contact.

The liquid transformed into a vapour cloud and 20 other staff members in the area were exposed solely through skin contact with the vapour.

Emergency crews used decontamination showers on site to wash those who were exposed before taking them to hospital.

The hazardous material was contained within the plant and there was no risk to public health.