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The stars haven’t aligned for some astrologers in the age of COVID-19.

A glance at some recent Canadian online horoscopes reveals eyebrow-raising suggestions at a time when public health authorities suggest self-isolation and minimal outdoor activity.

Hopefully Capricorns didn’t follow advice last Sunday to “get together with people you share history with” or “attend a reunion.”

Scorpios had a challenge on their hands their day – “Go to a yoga class” seems rather ambitious given that studios are closed.

And the recommendation for Geminis on the weekend? “Network and gather friends together, making helpful introductions” and “host a gathering” at night. Not exactly the new normal on the social front.

Those who feel astrology is a load of celestial hogwash were likely tickled to see a recent “Note to Readers” in the Toronto Star – one of many outlets running horoscopes that aren’t exactly up with the times – on the subject.

The outlet said its horoscope column has included “some suggestions that are contrary to the advice to socially distance or self-quarantine which have been urged by local health agencies, the provincial and Canadian governments.”

The Star said the material was “written a few weeks ago, before these warnings were issued,” adding the column’s tone will soon change to “reflect the time we find ourselves living in.”

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