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The Ontario government says it has signed agreements to share the revenue from mining and forestry projects with First Nations, saying the deals are the first of their kind in the province.

Under the agreements, the province will share 45 per cent of its revenue from forestry stumpage, 40 per cent of the annual mining tax and royalties from active mines at the time of signing, as well as 45 per cent from future mines in relevant areas.

The province says the deals were developed in collaboration with its First Nations partners — Grand Council Treaty #3, Wabun Tribal Council and Mushkegowuk Council — and could benefit 39 communities across them.

The government says the First Nations will have full control over the allocation of its share into initiatives that support economic development, education, health and other priorities.

The announcement comes just days after Tory Leader Doug Ford announced his party would introduce resource revenue-sharing if elected in June, though Ford did not specify what the split would be.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne said her government has been working on the agreements for some time.