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Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe speaks at the Legislative Building, in Regina, on March 18, 2020.Michael Bell/The Canadian Press

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says the government may soon release a plan on reopening the economy if COVID-19 case numbers remain low.

The Ministry of Health announced two new cases on Monday, bringing the total in the province to 300.

Moe said residents can’t become complacent, but the current infection rate seems to be flat and the government can start thinking about what reopening parts of the province will look like.

“There is no magic switch that we can flip that sends everything back to normal overnight,” he told a news conference.

Moe said officials will spend this week looking at how to reopen the economy and, if cases remain low, the plan will be released sometime next week.

When officials do start lifting restrictions and reopening businesses, Moe said it will be done gradually.

The government would need to see case numbers remain steady over a number of days to a couple of weeks before it starts relaxing restrictions, the premier added.

“We are only one outbreak away from interrupting those numbers.”

Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer, Dr. Saqib Shahab, said the volume of new cases from international travel in the province has decreased.

He said officials continue to look at how COVID-19 patients are becoming infected to track the spread.

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