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Toronto's transit system has seen a number of violent attacks in recent days, as political, transit and police leaders vow to make the system safer.The Canadian Press

Toronto’s transit system has seen a series of violent attacks in recent days, with political, police and transit leaders vowing to make the system safer.

Here are a few tips on how Toronto Transit Commission riders can stay safe:

– If you need help in a TTC station, go to a Designated Waiting Area (DWA) and use the intercom on the platform or at any elevator to contact station staff. They will contact emergency responders for help.

– As part of the Request Stop Program, TTC customers riding alone by bus between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. and who are feeling vulnerable can request to be dropped off between regular TTC stops. The request should be made at least one TTC stop ahead of the desired location and the driver must be able to stop safely to meet the request.

– Avoid distractions on your cellphone or other electronic devices.

– Keep your head up and be alert of your surroundings.

– Keep the volume down on your music so you can hear noise around you.

– Be aware of places you can get help along your route, such as open stores and restaurants.

– If someone falls on the tracks or is caught between the door of a moving subway car and the platform, you should cut power to the track using the nearest emergency power cut cabinet, located at each end of the platform.

– In an emergency, press the yellow emergency alarm strip located above the windows, along the wheelchair positions and near the doors of the subway car. Activating the alarm will result in a delay and misuse of the alarm comes with a $500 fine.

Source: TTC