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Canada's 29th Governor General Julie Payette looks on alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Senate chamber during her installation ceremony, in Ottawa on Oct. 2, 2017.Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

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Readers react: Julie Payette resigns as Governor-General after probe into workplace harassment claims

More proof of Justin Trudeau’s lack of judgement. –Whizzdom

Who vetted her? –Ham for everyone

Justin Trudeau needs to be held to account for this. –Redwineisfine

I would say that at least some of the problem lies in hiring a close friend of the now-former governor-general to the position of secretary, rather than having an experienced, permanent public servant in the job.

Not only does it seem like such an obvious conflict of interest situation, it also means that there was no one to play the “no, your Excellency, that would be … unwise” card when needed. –MMackinnon

The failure of the appointment is not about the selection process but the absence of one. Had the Prime Minister followed the selection and vetting process that was already in place, it is likely this mess could have been avoided. If, despite following the process, we still ended up here, then we could have reviewed this and determined how better to select individuals for this role. The Prime Minister would have been insulated from any fallout that occurred. Instead of a failure of process, we are left with a failure of judgement – the Prime Minister’s judgement. This “quality” is on display time and again whether with WE Charity or SNC-Lavalin or the Aga Khan. The inability to get simple things right suggests this government will struggle to get the hard things that lie ahead of us done. –1066 and all that

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In September, Justin Trudeau called Julie Payette an “excellent” governor-general. Sort of calls into question his judgement and what he thinks is appropriate behaviour for a government leader. –Laforeg001

I am reminded of an analogy with sports. Sometimes the very best players such as Wayne Gretzky or Magic Johnson make poor coaches, because they cannot relate to people who do not possess their innate abilities and drive.

I think the same applies to Julie Payette. An MD, PhD and astronaut, she clearly could not relate to anybody who was not an ultra-achiever and seemed not to have developed interpersonal skills along the way. What looks good on paper may not be good in real life. A poor piece of vetting. Hopefully Justin Trudeau does better next time, but I am not optimistic. –A. Jordan2

If Julie Payette has to go because of creating a toxic work environment, so do the MPs and Senators who have done the same. –Mr. Costanza

Just goes to show that an armful of degrees and accomplishments does not mean you’re the right fit for a role such as that of the governor-general. Given her intellect and education, Julie Payette seems to have a formidable personality that suffers no fools and a disdain for stuffy protocol, which makes her the wrong fit for this role. The Prime Minister should’ve known this. This mess is all on Justin Trudeau. Abolishing the oversight board that the Conservatives created was a mistake. –TW.

Hopefully the independent review will also recommend that Canada rids itself of this pointless symbol of colonialism. –Mac116

This isn’t a pointless symbol of colonialism. This is a tie to the foundation of Canada.

We weren’t some fully formed country absorbed into the British Empire. We were a country founded by the British, who came here carrying with them the laws and system of government that made us what we are today.

Our historical ties are symbolized by the governor-general. Their history is our history also, since the entire experience of British history shaped who we are today. Quebec itself was a tiny, struggling colony and only prospered once part of the British Empire. It probably would have been sold off like Louisiana to the United States if it hadn’t been part of the British Empire.

The core Anglo-American countries of Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and Britain do most of the heavy lifting around democracy and human rights. We shouldn’t be negatively portraying our connection to Britain.

Canada and its cities are consistently rated as some of the most desirable places to live in annual surveys. Almost all others are also former British colonies. And with the exception of France, almost all other democracies in the world owe their origin to the Anglo-American world. –app_69426918

This may be a good time to consider whether we need this position at all, and cut our ties with the monarchy. Do we really need a governor-general to sign bills into law? (Reminds me of Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles: “work, work, work, work, work.”) And the functions related to dissolving and forming governments are usually just a formality. The Chief Justice could easily take that on. There is rarely any controversy about what to do, and if there is, who better to make a unbiased decision? Maybe we’d even have fewer of those “get out of jail” prorogations.

Of course getting the feds and provinces to agree on constitutional change is next to impossible, but it’s really time we tackled this. Queen Elizabeth is undoubtedly a lovely lady, but having a British royal as our head of state is beyond silly. –bookcabinet

How long did the government take to figure this one out? Any longer and her time would be up anyway. Not a very good appointment for Justin Trudeau. –rone81

Now appoint General Jonathan Vance as governor-general. I hear he is available. Or, better yet, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman. That would be elegant. –Dartguard

Just appoint David Johnston back to the role! –Government House

Justin Trudeau to now introduce the Canadian Governor-General Unemployment Emergency Benefit. It will provide up to 10 years of income for all governors-general who have had to leave their jobs in these difficult times. –Mars17

Perhaps in her future book she will tell her story and reveal how it feels to be brought down to earth, for the second time. –app_69557013

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