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The family of a British Columbia man missing for a decade is pleading for any help in solving what the police are treating as a homicide.

Kellen McElwee was 25 years old when he vanished in March 2008, and his parents, Paula and Len McElwee, say they never thought he would disappear off the face of the world without saying goodbye.

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Kellen McElwee is shown in a police handout photo.The Canadian Press

Paula McElwee said the past ten years have been difficult for her family.

“Kellen would now have been 35 years old. He might have been married, and he might have had children who we will never get to meet,” she said at a RCMP news conference on Thursday. “We would like to bring Kellen home.”

A 2013 statement from the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said there was no conclusive evidence that McElwee was linked to gangs, organized crime, or drugs.

Burnaby RCMP released a video taken from inside McElwee’s Burnaby condominium in April 2008, and Cpl. Frank Jang of the homicide team confirmed on Thursday that they have received tips about a man who was spotted on the surveillance video.

Jang said that McElwee was last seen leaving the Keg Steakhouse restaurant in Burnaby, B.C., but none of the information they’ve gathered has led to progress in solving the case.

Investigators said they consider McElwee’s disappearance a murder.

“From what we understand from speaking with the family and associates and friends, this is unlike him. He was a young man, with a good job, friends and family as you’ve seen. It’s not like him to just disappear and have no contact with his loved ones for the past ten years.” said Jang.

Paula McElwee said her son didn’t have a criminal record, was kind-hearted, unassuming, and an excellent student and athlete.

“He did not act stressed or fearful for his life. Kellen had many friends from different times in his life and never seemed to have any difficulties interacting with any of them.”

She said nothing in the search for her son is irrelevant and the family is asking anyone who might have known Kellen personally to come forward to police.

“Kellen’s presence will always remain with family and friends. We hope this public appeal will help bring Kellen and our family the justice he deserves.”

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