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Residents of the Downtown Eastside were given disposable cameras and asked to document what they saw—the experiences, the love, the loss… but most of all the persistence of the human spirit. The top images were made into the 17th annual Megaphone Hope in Shadows calendar being sold on the streets of Vancouver and Victoria. A record 1,500 images were submitted.

December, 2019 - Walk of Life. BEST URBAN LANDSCAPE - While on a walk near West Hastings and Richards Streets, Joyce Manychiefs turned down a lane filed with graffiti and was struck by the peace.Joyce Manychiefs/Megaphone

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January, 2020 - Fun in the Park - HONOURABLE MENTION - Peter Thompson loves Sundays because he spends the day with his grandkids. The closeness between sister and brother perfectly illustrates this year's calendar theme of Belonging.Peter Thompson/Megaphone

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February, 2020 - Spirit of the Wind - BEST ARTISTIC PHOTO- Priscillia Tait photographed Rebirth, the artwork of Leila Britt at the corner of Main and Hastings, where the Womens Memorial March begins every February 14th. The march honours all women’s lives lost in the Downtown Eastside.Priscillia Tait/Megaphone

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March, 2020 - Keeping the Past - COMMUNITY CHOICE AWARD - Paul Shawdover likes to photograph people who make a positive impact like Gitxsan-Carrier artist Edgar-Alan Rossetti whose studio is the street.Paul Shawdover/Megaphone

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April, 2020 - A Little Puff of Smoke - HONOURABLE MENTION - Rodney McNeely photographed himself smoking his pipe by the shoreline at CRAB Park. His pipe is comfortable like a home he says.Rodney McNeely/Megaphone

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May, 2020 - Mama's School Nerd - HONOURABLE MENTION - Naomi saved the last photo on her camera to make this picture of her daughter on the final day of kindergarten 2019.Naomi Gabriel /Megaphone

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June 2020 - Big Blue - VICTORIA VENDORS CHOICE AWARD - Delisle Doucet was moved by the cloud formation above the iconic Roxy Theatre.Delisle Doucet /Megaphone

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July 2020 - Do My Ears Fit In This Picture? VANCOUVER VENDORS CHOICE AWARD - Nika, a rescue dog, sits obediently in front of the mural by Templeton Park Pool. The fact Nika was able to sit still for this photo shows he's made progress.Mark Irvine/Megaphone

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August, 2020 - Another Day in the Garden - JULIE ROGERS MEMORIAL AWARD FOR BEST PORTRAIT - Kevin Sleziak stands in a working honeybee habitat operated by the non-profit Hives for Humanity in the 100-block of East Hastings Street.Jim McLeod/Megaphone

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September, 2020 - Of Mice and Men - HONOURABLE MENTION - A sense of isolation has been a lifelong issue for Brendon Pizzati. Photographer Stephen Scott says Brendon came alive during the shoot inside the turquoise art installation at Jim Deva Plaza.Stephen Scott /Megaphone

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October, 2020 - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.- HONOURABLE MENTION - Photographer David Deocera respects binners like Chris, pulling a shopping cart piled high with bottles and bags. There is a dignity to the work and it is good for the environment, David says.David Deocera/Megaphone

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November, 2020 - Nonna -HONOURABLE MENTION - Juliana Yabut photographed her partner's mother, Bertilla Baldin, because they have such a good relationship. Juliana lost both her grandmothers.Juliana Yabut/Megaphone

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December, 2020 - Best Friends- FIRST PLACE - Photographer Arden Gillespie says the shot of Jeremiah and Auntie M. sharing a tender moment together makes a great image for this year's calendar theme of Belonging.Arden Gillespie/Megaphone

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