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The notes transcribed from the back of this photograph are as follows: WILLIAM DENNISON Toronto. Politician The notes written and typed on the back of this photograph, from the time it was printed, are as follows: WILLIAM DENNISON Toronto. PoliticianJanuary 8, 1963,BORIS SPREMO transparent
January 8, 1963
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Scanned from a print, and later selected by the National Gallery for its Cutline exhibition
Unaltered Historical Notes These notes were transcribed by hand. Notice a typo? Contribute to the archive by flagging it at
WILLIAM DENNISON Toronto. Politician
BORIS SPREMO / The Globe and Mail
John Diefenbaker finished his term and Lester B. Pearson became Prime Minister
The Progressive Conservatives finished their term and the Liberals came to power
John F. Kennedy was assassinated and Lyndon B. Johnson became President

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