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An example of a redesigned Globe and Mail front page.The Globe and Mail

Dear Readers,

British Columbia has been Canada's crucible for some of the most important policy choices Canada has faced. From Indigenous constitutional rights, to the overblown real estate market, to the fentanyl crisis, many of the issues that matter to Canadians have been propelled to national discussion by events in British Columbia.

That is why, commencing Dec. 1 in a redesigned Globe and Mail newspaper, British Columbia's news will take its prominent place amid the rest of The Globe's award-winning journalism in the A section.

The Globe's commitment to coverage in the west is long-standing and British Columbia is home to our largest bureau. We have recently invested in some of Canada's top journalists, welcoming Nancy Macdonald and Kathy Tomlinson to join the ranks of Gary Mason, Marsha Lederman and more. Reporters in British Columbia will play essential roles in national coverage of the issues facing policy makers such as the spreading impact of marijuana legalization.

Our work will continue to give you the national context, the thoughtful opinion, the groundbreaking investigation that you expect from British Columbia. I look forward to that work becoming an integral part of your national and international read.

Wendy Cox

Western editor, based in Vancouver