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Update: As of May 26, iPhone users have access to a new section that displays the latest headlines from across The Globe.

Today The Globe and Mail unveils a completely redesigned app for iPhone and iPad.

Our goal with this new app, available as an update through iTunes, is to give you unparalleled access to news and analysis at key moments of your day in a tightly curated package — from morning briefings and breaking news to in-depth features and interactive storytelling. The new design brings an emphasis on an enjoyable, uncluttered, visually engaging experience that rewards in-depth reading.

The app is updated three times a day on weekdays and once daily on weekends by a team of dedicated editors, with a focus on distilling the business, investing, political, international and cultural stories that matter to Canadians. Of course, news never waits, so the app will also always have the latest breaking news and most up-to-date version of The Globe's coverage.

Let's look at some of the specifics of what's available in the new app:

NEW: Latest headlines page for iPhone

This page, available from the section menu, gives iPhone users quick, scannable access to the top stories of the moment across all of The Globe’s major sections.

1. A distraction-free reading experience

Our new app is crafted to read well across all iPhones and iPads, using custom-made Globe and Mail typography.

2. Three curated sections, updated throughout the day

The app is updated by our team of editors three times a day, in the morning, at mid-day and in the evening. Here's a bit more about each of the sections:

  • Home, for all the most important news, analysis and commentary of the day.
  • Report on Business, for a deep dive into what matters now in the world of Canadian business and investing.
  • Sports & Culture, for everything from the latest trends in style, food and art, to breaking sports news and commentary, to pop culture and film reviews.

3. Key market numbers at your fingertips

From any section page, tap the market icon in the bottom-left corner to see the latest market numbers from around the world.

4. Universal navigation

Available from anywhere in the app, simply tap the icon in the top left and choose the section you would like to read next.

5. Swipe left and right to quickly move between sections and articles

6. Swipe up on articles to discover related content

7. Search for stories, stocks or your favourite author

At any time you may search our full archives of news, commentary, video, galleries and other content, going back to 2001. Our search bar is available with one tap via the section menu.

8. A new business briefing package

We cover the most important market-moving news of the day, with a morning note, mid-day briefing and evening wrap up.

9. Interactive charts and data

We aim to put the news of the day into context with charts, graphics and data visualizations that explain historical trends and look at the story behind the story.

10. Rich multimedia stories

Explore in-depth features and interactive data projects, designed to work beautifully across all devices and platforms.

11. Integrated social tools

Easily share any article with your friends using whatever platform you choose.

12. Save for later

Bookmark an article to sync it with your Globe and Mail account, and read later on any other device with the app installed.

13. Hi-resolution photography

All of the images in the app have been optimized for retina screens, including the iPhone 6 and 6+.

14. Get breaking news alerts on the most important stories of the day

Get in touch

Welcome to the new Globe and Mail app for iPhone and iPad. There’s a lot more coming very soon — we have frequent updates planned throughout the summer — and we’re eager for your feedback on this new approach. So please take the new app for a spin, and don't hesitate to drop us a line at any point.