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On Boxing Day, the big electronic chain stores are great for getting what you know you want, and for good deals on extras that you may not have otherwise considered.Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail

When it comes to shopping at big-box stores, Canadians aren't that satisfied with the customer experience but will go there for the price and selection, a Globe and Mail survey suggests.

Nearly 250 Globe readers answered our call to share their shopping habits in an online survey. Of them, only 13 per cent said they never shop at big-box stores. Of those who do shop at such retailers, a quarter visit at least once a week.

Asked why they choose to shop at big-box stores, 59 per cent said the price is right. The selection of products on offer was also mentioned by 43 per cent of respondents, followed by convenience (36 per cent) and location (33 per cent).

What about customer service? Not so much, readers said. Only 5 per cent listed service as a reason to choose big-box retailers.

Overall, only a third of respondents said they were generally satisfied with their experience shopping at big-box stores.

You can see the full results of the survey here.