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Consumers want more choice in TV channel bundles, a Globe and Mail survey findsArtur Marciniec/Getty Images/iStockphoto

In a speech in Ottawa this week, new CRTC boss Jean-Pierre Blais said he's interested in hearing what Canadian consumers have to say about the work being done by the federal regulator.

The Globe and Mail heard the call and asked readers to suggest the top priorities for the CRTC. From the responses we received, we selected five of the best ideas, and put them to a vote on our website.

Of the 4,920 readers who took our poll (as of noon on Friday), the majority agreed that the CRTC should focus on encouraging competition among telecom companies and allowing greater choice for consumers. Here's how the vote broke down:

1. Encouraging competition to force down phone, TV and Internet rates: 39%

2 . Getting rid of TV bundles and allowing more choice in which channels I pay for: 30%

3. Ensuring all Canadians have reliable and inexpensive media and telecom services: 18%

4. Putting an end to telemarketing calls and e-mail spam: 9%

5. Scrapping Canadian content rules and allowing more U.S. content: 5%

Thanks to all the readers who helped put this list together. We want Mr. Blais to hear your ideas, so we're going to send them to him in an email.

If you haven't had a chance to add your comments, you can do so here: If I ran the CRTC...