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David Walmsley, editor in chief of the Globe and Mail is photographed in the paper's studio on April 23 2014.Fred Lum

Editor's note: The Globe has a new iOS app that was launched in September, 2017. Learn about what we changed and download it now

I want to address a couple of questions readers have about the new Globe and Mail app: is there less content and why are we curating your news?

In today's rapid, complex, interconnected, information saturated world, The Globe is committed to producing and presenting high-value journalism on multiple platforms. We redesigned the newspaper section, Report on Business, in early May, adding more reporters to that section, more commentary and analysis and a greater focus on Canada's economic pillars. And now we have launched our new iOS app.

The app showcases the best of our journalism, immersive experiences such as Canadian thalidomide survivors' plea for help and life at Canadian Forces Station Alert. These differentiate The Globe. It is vital we design our platforms to ensure we offer the right home to quality journalism, and that that journalism is highlighted against the otherwise infinite words and pictures published around the world.

The stories featured in each edition of the app are, as ever, selected by a team of editors. And, as with the newspaper, the new iOS app is designed to be a finite reading experience. You can get to the end of it. To that end, the app is curated.

We realize the state-of-the-art app design takes some getting used to, but already 400,000 have updated to the new iOs app and we plan on continued development and improvements across all the platforms on which readers consume Globe content, from desktop to mobile web to wearable devices. We chose to focus first on iOS, as these users have not had a recent enough update, while other products have been updated more recently, including the launch of our Android tablet app last fall.

We also listen to our readers and make adjustments. Just this week we added a new view to our iPhone app to capture recent headlines across all our sections including Life & Arts, World, Politics and more. This section, entitled Latest Headlines, can be accessed through the main navigation of the iPhone app.

As with all product launches, we do not sit still. Our app will be updated consistently in the months ahead as new assets come online. These will, in June, include enhanced personalization and a proprietary recommendation capability. For those technical bugs we are still ironing out, I apologize.

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