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Today's update to The Globe and Mail's app for iPad and iPhone includes some major improvements based on feedback from readers over the last few months.

You can download the update now.

Our focus for this update has been on performance and navigation — two key themes that emerged from your comments, e-mails and reviews.

Here are a few specifics on what we've done:

Better navigation

We’ve added a persistent navigation bar at the top of all pages in the app. This includes a back button that will quickly take you back to wherever you left off on the section page.

For those who prefer to navigate via swiping, all of the navigation gestures still work, so you can swipe left and right between articles, or swipe from the edge to go back to the section.

A much, much faster app

We’ve worked hard to increase performance and stability. The app now loads the homepage 2-3 times faster, depending on your device and connection.

And when swiping between articles, the next article should now load almost instantly.

Here’s a video that compares performance between versions:

Faster ads, less white space

We’ve made some changes to how ads are displayed in the app, to improve load times and reduce the amount of white space that appears on section pages.

What else is new?

Some other improvements you might notice:

  • Updates to alerts to improve delivery and consistency
  • Improved the load times and display of videos and interactive elements, such as charts and maps
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes

In case you missed it ...

Some highlights from our last update:

  • A new Top Headlines section for iPhone and iPad
  • Separate sections for Sports and Life & Arts
  • An updated, more scannable iPhone homescreen
  • Each section now includes a list of personalized headlines recommended for you based on your reading habits

Let us know what you think

We’re happy to hear thoughts on what else you’d like to see in the next update to The Globe app. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with comments and feedback.