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canada day

Various photos of the Ontario provincial flag fly over Queen's Park in Toronto, Ontario.Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail

The Globe's Canada Day quiz lets readers answer a series of fun questions to see which Canadian region aligns best with their opinions. The quiz is based on polls by Ipsos Reid, Harris Decima and Angus Reid Forum, on issues ranging from Stephen Harper to marijuana.

While the results are by no means scientific, we selected surveys that provided provincial breakdowns to help guide our questions, answers and profiles. The polls were used to glean sentiments across the country and helped us compare different provinces.

For example, a Harris Decima poll indicated 53 per cent of British Columbians believe the monarchy is an important part of Canadian history – a more positive response than any other province. The least favourable response came from Quebec, with only 30 per cent saying so. These two provinces made up both extremes in our question: "If the Queen came to your city you would ..."

If you chose the most favourable response (Line up early for the chance to shake her hand), you were most like a British Columbian. If you picked the least favourable response (Leave town), you were most like a Quebecker. By the end of the quiz, readers are shown which regional profile best matches their answers. If you answered the majority of questions in line with B.C., the quiz would indicate you're most like a British Columbian.

For some of the polls, the gap between provinces was wide. An Ipsos Reid poll on Prime Minister Stephen Harper showed 55 per cent of Albertans had a positive impression of him, while only 10 per cent of Quebeckers felt that way. In other polls, the sentiments were much closer. When it came to eating seal meat, 48 per cent of Maritimers would try it, while only 30 per cent of Prairie dwellers would give it a try.

Here is a full list of all the polls (all links are PDFs):

Did you try the poll? Did it give you an unexpected result? Share your thoughts and questions about this poll in the comments.

Stuart A. Thompson is a multimedia editor for The Globe.