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The stunning decision by Canada’s broadcast regulator to block BCE’s massive takeover of Astral Media is just the latest example of how Prime Minister Stephen Harper has remade Ottawa to put the consumer first in policy making.Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

CRTC chief Jean-Pierre Blais wants to "get reacquainted" with Canadians.

In a speech in Ottawa yesterday, the new head of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said he reads Globe and Mail comments to find out what Canadians think about the CRTC. He even read a few of them out loud, something he often does at CRTC hearings, he said.

"It's important to listen to Canadians," Mr. Blais said in the speech, posted on the CRTC website. "I will be listening myself to find out what they think about the job we're doing."

So here's your chance to tell Mr. Blais what you'd like the CRTC to focus on. First, leave a comment on this story, telling Mr. Blais what you think the CRTC's top priority should be. Then vote. Use the thumbs up and down buttons to help us select the best comments. We'll use your ideas in an upcoming article and make sure it gets to Mr. Blais's inbox.

And if you haven't already responded to our earlier callout for input into the creation of national standards for wireless services, please do so. We'll make sure Mr. Blais sees those comments too.