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Stephanie Nolen

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I cover Latin America for The Globe, from a base in Rio de Janeiro, a city that's all the things you've read about (or seen in the cartoon.) It's not all cocktails and bikinis - I write about Brazil's challenges with social inequality and violence. I spent much of the past year working on a project on race and identity in Brazil.

And I cover (ostensibly) an absurdly big territory. I've just come home from a trip to Central America, where my reporting focused on migrant children, and what is pushing parents to send their kids alone on the dangerous trip to try to get into the U.S. -- it was heartbreaking and kind of terrifying to report that story.

I've been a foreign correspondent for 20 years - I'm hoping to die in the field, the last of my kind, and end up under glass in the Newseum. My previous correspondent postings include India, with a focus on caste issues and gender, Africa, with a focus on the HIV epidemic, and the Middle East.

I've written books about secret female astronauts, portraits of Shakespeare, and AIDS. I also chair the board of the Museum of AIDS in Africa, of which I am a co-founder.

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