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Dear reader,

Having the chance to redesign The Globe and Mail has been one of the great privileges of my editorship. I know how much you anticipate the serendipity of print six days a week, and we intend to repay that faith with an even better paper.

Later deadlines will allow for improved coverage of after-the-bell business decisions and overseas market reports. Features will no longer be printed a day before. Arts and Life will be live with instant theatre reviews. We will inject some sorely missing humour with the humanity we cover. And you won't lose any of your favourites – the crossword, bridge and editorial cartoons.

In Real Estate, we are launching a new national section every Friday, reflecting the intensity and interest in the housing market, while adding focus on Montreal. Our regional pages in British Columbia, Toronto and Alberta have been strengthened with new hires and shifting resources.

Above all we have listened to you. We know you love your printed paper, even more with each passing year. In a challenging world, we will keep focus on news, columns and opinion. Long-form journalism and award winning investigations are non-negotiables. One of the additions to our Saturday newspaper that we are proudest of is the launch of a standalone Opinion section, a new home for your favourite columnists and the very brightest and best guest writers.

I hope you enjoy reading the redesigned Globe and continue to find value in trusted Canadian journalism in all its forms.

David Walmsley


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