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Ontario Place design proposal from Ryerson University students Stephen Baik, Wang Chiu, Gunil Choi, Janelle Day, Tae Hoon Kim, Ali Mohammadioun, Ron Noble, Negar Panahi, Jason Paulos, and Pegah Rahimian-Parvar.

With news of Ontario Place's identity crisis and the province looking to redevelop it, we asked you: What should the theme park be?

The Globe received a flood of responses, from the serious to the satirical. (More than one reader suggested it become a "fake lake," in reference to one built during the G20 summit two years ago.)

There were high hopes for Ontario Place when it opened more than 40 years ago. We received many memories of the early days, which attracted much larger crowds than today.

"I'm biased because I worked there during the summers from Grade 13 through University," said commenter Not the Alliance. "This was back when it was drawing good crowds and somewhat successful. I think it should turn back to those roots."

We even received an email from Eric McMillan, one of the attraction's original designers:

"I worked on the planning of Ontario Place, designed its symbol and its most successful exhibition. When it opened in 1971 I became its chief designer, it was a very privileged position. In 1972 I designed the Childrens Village. I frequently tendered my resignation to protest its mad management. The third time they accepted my resignation. I hesitate to comment on its operation since I left in 1975. As a result of my experience at Ontario Place I became the world's leading expert on child play.

"But I do know that given the opportunity to guide a creative team I would make it a bigger attraction than the Mona Lisa and certainty more relevant in its theme to the future of this planet and the citizens of Toronto. But then again, how to circumnavigate the swamp of political quagmire is a skill I never quite mastered.

"An amazing opportunity for the inhabitants of Toronto. It would be so magical if it weren't wasted."

Read through our gallery of your suggestions. And if you've got more ideas, leave them in the comments below.

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