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Public Editor Sylvia Stead responds to readers and gives a behind-the-scenes look

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(Brian Gable)
(Brian Gable)

Public editor: What do you think of The Globe’s new commenting system? Add to ...

You’ve seen the new commenting system on globeandmail.com and I hope those with technical questions posed them to senior communities editor Jennifer MacMillan last Friday during the live chat she held. If you missed it, here is a recap.

As a reminder, the main changes allow:

  • E-mail notifications so you can receive an alert if someone posts a reply to your comment
  • A better filter to prevent offensive comments
  • The ability for you to delete previous comments
  • The ability to connect your social accounts to your Globe account
  • Premoderation of comments on some articles which deal with controversial or legally sensitive subjects

I would like to hear from you about whether you find the system better or worse, especially on whether you are finding that premoderation is improving the tone of the debate and filtering out the offensive comments on controversial subjects. As Globe editors have said, this is an ongoing process of trying to find better ways to enhance the commenting experience. In a perfect world, it should encourage more comments, often sharp and even heated, but never personal, racist or sexist.

Looking at the comments, I see a number of you say you prefer the previous system. The Globe is not likely to return to that old system, but the editors need to know what you preferred about it and what you like about this one. Please comment below or send me an email with a specific example. I will write a follow up blog based on what I find out from the comments and e-mails received.

I would also be interested to hear from you on the recent debate over anonymous commenters: whether banning them as the HuffingtonPost recently said it would do, will make a difference to the discussion. I can be reached at publiceditor@globeandmail.com

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